Coup d'Etat Coloring Book

Edited and published by Magiamma

written by Mark Levine

The Coup d'Etat Coloring Book explains the blatant bending of our laws by the Supreme Court. It exposes the disturbing details of how a lawless Supreme Court manipulated the voting choice of the people of this country to its own end.

The Coup d'Etat Coloring Book explains in detail the glorious illogic of the most lawless Supreme Court opinion in American history:  the only opinion ever to effect a coup d'etat and overrule the Presidential choice of We the People. The Supreme Court used obscure legal language to try to hide its theft, but constitutional lawyer and talk radio host Mark Levine deftly exposes that the "emperor has no clothes."  And the detailed, whimsical drawings by Magiamma and four other extremely talented women artists bring life and further understanding to the text.

Click on the picture to read the Coup d'Etat Coloring Book:

Depending on interest, we may sell copies for approximately $15. Email if you are interested. A small portion of the proceeds would go to the Kerry campaign.